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    Waste Fluid Management

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    Waste Fluid Management

    Collection & Disposal
    Waste Fluid Management


    SUPER S.HO.W. – was designed to guarantee to handle large volumes of body fluids for operators, in total safety, in compliance with the legislation in order to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination.

    SUPER S.HO.W. – avoid the continuous lifting of loads by operators (the liquid collection bags), eliminating the risk of fluid losses or spillage due to accidental mishandling during procedures

    Product Information

    Waste Fluid Management



     SUPER S.HO.W. –  is designed and made to allow healthcare professionals the management of organic liquids in total security, in compliance with legal regulations, to avoid the risk of biological contamination.

    SUPER S.HO.W. – Avoids the continual lifting of loads  by the operators, like the fluid collection bags, eliminating the risk of fluid leakage, for incidental breakage due to handling

    SUPER S.HO.W. – MODE- Aspiration of infected biological fluids – activates disinfection in real-time, with a precision peristaltic pump for the correct dosage of the disinfectant. – International Patent No. 12745521.0-1356

    SUPER S.HO.W. has a high level of self-disinfection of the equipment, to ensure maximum security.

    The disinfection process is automatic – The disinfection efficacy and reduction is 99.6% (Single Dose Disinfectant System). Medical device Class IIa

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