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Pajunk offers the widest range of stimulating and echogenic products for single shot and continuous nerve block procedures. From the very beginning, Pajunk has been the pioneer in ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. The NanoLine® coating technology (2004) and the Cornerstone Reflectors (2009) set the basis for the introduction of the first ultrasound optimized nerve block needle in 2009 – the SonoPlex®
Several independent publications and thousands of users worldwide have confirmed the SonoPlex to be the best echogenic nerve block needle available. The needle offers shaft and needle tip visibility under ultrasound, even at steep angles.

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SonoPlex® II

Echogenic,  Single Shot Nerve Block Needle

Pajunk offers a wide range of single-shot nerve blocks needles, from our best-selling echogenic SonoPlex® needles through special echogenic SonoTAP® needles for plane blocks to our stimulation-only UniPlex® NanoLine® needles.

SonoPlex needles were specially developed by PAJUNK® for single-shot nerve block applications, allowing for placement under ultrasound and stimulation techniques (Dual Guidance). As the leading echogenic nerve block needle globally the SonoPlex includes the patented Cornerstone Reflectors for best needle echogenicity possible, irrespective of the insertion angle.

ecath product at medana

E-Cath® & E-Cath® Plus

Echogenic Catheter-Over-Needle System

Developed together with Dr. Ban Tsui, the E-Cath / E-Cath Plus combines the best from clinical experience and engineering expertise, resulting in a system that addresses the biggest catheter problems in CNBC: complexity, catheter kinking, anaesthetic leakage and catheter dislocation and migration.

The results are easier, faster, safer and more reliable continuous nerve blocks with a reduction of workload during postoperative pain management.

SonoLong-Systems at Medana Ireland

SonoLong Catheter Kits

Echogenic Catheter-Through-Needle Systems

The SonoLong Sono set is a joint development of Pajunk and Dr. Meier.  It is equipped with an integrated stainless steel helical coil and is suitable for long-term treatment in pain therapy and nerve blocks.

The SonoLong Sono sets are available in three different needle types: with the standard Tuohy tip, Facet tip, and the SPROTTE® Special Tip. All three needle options are equipped with the proven Cornerstone Reflectors for improved visibility under ultrasound monitoring.

The catheter material itself is characterized by its flexibility and improved echogenicity and is supported by a metal spring.

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