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Pajunk offers the widest range of needle and catheter systems for spinal and epidural procedures. Together with the founders of Pajunk, Prof. Dr. Sprotte developed the first atraumatic spinal needle, which has revolutionized and revived the field of Spinal Anaesthesia in the early 1980s. With the introduction of the Sprotte needle, Pajunk turned into a market leader in atraumatic spinal needles, allowing clinicians to perform safer spinal and significantly reducing PDPH rates.

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Sprotte Spinal Needles by Medana Medical supplies Ireland


Needles for Atraumatic Spinal Anaesthesia

With the introduction of the first atraumatic Sprotte needle at the end of the 1970s, spinal anaesthesia was established as a fully accepted alternative to general anaesthesia. A unique tip design is the secret of its success. Sprotte ́s atraumatic puncture and optimal gliding properties minimise possible injuries and prevent foreign bodies and tissue particles from being carried into the subarachnoid space while reducing the incidence of post-dural puncture headache (PDPH).

Intralong Continuous Spinal my Medana Medical supplies Ireland


Continuous Spinal Anaesthesia Catheter Systems

Continuous spinal anaesthesia is used particularly in orthopaedics and for large-scale tumour operations. The advantage of this technique is, that immediate and greatest possible pain relief can be achieved with a minimum amount of anaesthetics. The dose can also be reduced considerably by using the continuous technique for intrathecal therapy with cytostatic in neurology, thus reducing the danger of systemic toxic reactions to a minimum. Fast fading away of the blockade and the option for postoperative pain control is very much appreciated factors in rehabilitation because therapeutic exercise can commence immediately after the operation.

EpiSpin Combined Spinal Epidural Anaesthesia by Medana Medical Ireland

EpiSpin Lock

Combined Spinal-Epidural Anaesthesia

Pajunk EpiSpin Locksets and trays come equipped with the unique EpiSpin Lock CSE needles and a selection of EpiLong or EpiLong Soft catheters, as well as accessories like the clamping adapter, bacteria filters, or LOR syringes.

The combination of spinal and epidural anaesthesia (CSE) makes paraspinal anaesthesia possible, without changing the instruments. With EpiSpin Lock, PAJUNK® provides a puncture kit for this purpose that combines two techniques and cannula systems in a single product.

NRFit by Medana Medical supplies Ireland


The New Connection Standard in Regional Anaesthesia

As one of the major providers of Regional Anaesthesia products, PAJUNK® offers a complete range of NRfit products to meet this ISO requirement. Since the use of Luer connectors is very widespread, there is a higher risk of potential hazards to patients resulting from wrong route injections. To counteract this risk, in 2016 the DIN ISO 80369 standard was issued. This standard defines new requirements for small-bore connectors in six different fields, one of them being Regional Anaesthesia and intends to prevent the risk of accidental misconnections and injections, thus improving patient safety. The new connector following the ISO 80369-6 standard is termed NRFit.

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