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Pajunk offers a complete wound infiltration system that includes the InfiltraLong catheter and the FuserPump. The FuserPump is a hard-shelled pump specifically designed for use in wound infiltration offering volumes and variable flowrate selection. The InfiltraLong catheter developed by Pajunk is a self-contained system for continuous infiltration analgesia at the surgical site. The design of the catheter allows a smooth and uniform targeted administration of local anaesthetic. This allows to optimise patient analgesia and improve outcomes while reducing opioid consumption.

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Continuous Wound Infiltration Systems

As one of the major providers of Regional Anaesthesia products, Pajunk also provides a wide range of wound infiltration solutions. The offering includes single-shot local infiltration needles, continuous wound infiltration catheters as well as pain Fuser pumps and accessories.

The InfiltraLong catheter is the only wound infiltration catheter that can be combined with all commercial pumps. The wide range of catheter and perforation lengths available makes it suitable for many different requirements and areas of use. In comparison with three other commercial catheters, the InfiltraLong performed extremely well because of its numerous fine infusion perforations, which are closely and evenly spaced in the perforation segment.

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