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    Our Suppliers & Partners

    Medana partners with local and international medical device manufacturers to provide complete sales, supply and support services of their products in Ireland and the UK

    Medical Equipment Brands & Manufacturers

    Partnering with trusted manufacturers, we supply healthcare equipment to Hospitals, Private Clinics, Medical Centres, healthcare providers and other healthcare companies.   From our large stock of medical products from PAJUNK®, P3 Medical, Xavant, Valkyrie, Medima, Sunmed, Batrick Medical, and more, we can provide your medical supplies and equipment with a professional, efficient and prompt service

    PAJUNK® Medical

    PAJUNK® Medical technology is one of the leading producers of complete medical systems for the different application methods in the areas: Regional Anaesthesia, Neurology, Laparoscopy, Biopsy, and Dental Medicine.

    P3 Medical

    P3 Medical works together with healthcare professionals to bring innovative ideas to the medical device market. We provide a comprehensive range of sterile barrier covers for cameras and other surgical equipment.


    Xavant is the leading suppliers of quantitative NMT and TOF monitor for use during general anaesthesia, Peripheral Nerve Stimulators for regional anaesthesia and Pulsed Radiofrequency treatment devices for chronic pain management.  dfdf


    Valkyrie is founded and managed by leaders and innovators in ultrasonography and education. Valkyrie uses their keen insight into real-life clinical practice and educational challenges to develop products that improve patient safety.


    Medima is a supplier of medical infusion systems, offering comprehensive solutions for safe intravenous and intra-arterial drug application as well as parenteral and enteral nutrition administration and blood transfusion.


    In order to avoid the risk of incorrect connections and injections in the future, the ISO 80369 series of standards was issued in 2016. Pajunk has adapted its product portfolio in accordance with the required standards.


    SunMed is FDA registered, ISO-13485 certified manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical devices for use in healthcare facilities worldwide. SunMed products include airway management, anaesthesia and oxygen delivery.

    Batrik Medical

    Established in 1997, Batrik Medical Manufacturing Inc. specializes in the fabrication of silicone and plastic products that are sold worldwide and used primarily in surgery, trauma, outpatients, endoscopy and central sterilization areas.


    Panep is one of Europe’s leading producers of cotton gauze, surgical drapes and customised procedure packs.  Production now covers all surgical disciplines including Anaesthesia Cardiac, Neurosurgery, Gynaecology, General and others.


    HugeMed founded in 2014, focuses on medical equipment research and development, production, sales and services.  HugeMed provides video laryngoscopes for clinical anaesthesia, emergency medicine, cardiology and respiratory care, etc.


    SUPER S.HO.W. – is designed and made to allow healthcare professionals the management of organic liquids in total security, in compliance with legal regulations, to avoid the risk of biological contamination.


    Big FOOT offers a comprehensive fluid waste management solution for your Operating Theatre, including fluid waste manifolds, floor suction devices and super absorbent mats.

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