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    Absorbent Floor Mats 3.5 Litres/sqm

    80.00150.00 (Ex Vat)

    Absorbent Floor Mats 3.5 Litres/sqm, Anti-Slip under-side and upper to walk on.

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    High absorbency, 3.5 Litres/sqm, Anti-Slip Under-side

    • It is sealed on all sides, preventing the leakage of absorbed fluids from all sides.
    • The upper layer is made of a MICROPERFORATED polyester foil that allows instant penetration of liquids. The holes are in the shape of an inverted cone and allow the liquid to escape back to the surface.
    • The lower layer is WATERPROOF and NON – SLIP. Protects the environment from cross-contamination on the floor.
    • The central layer is composed of SUPER-ABSORBENT POLYMER (SAP) which has the ability to efficiently retain large amounts of fluids.

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    50cm x 90cm, 100cm x 90cm


    3.5 Litres/sqm

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