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    Minimal Invasive Surgery

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    Minimal Invasive Surgery

    Laparoscopic Instruments and Balloons
    Minimal Invasive Surgery


    Precision and stability are the most important criteria for instruments used in minimally invasive surgery. Pajunk fulfils these requirements with modular systems while setting standards in terms of ergonomics and cost-effectiveness. Working together with clinical experts we develop products for your daily challenges, made in Germany.

    Product Information

    ErgoSys Laparoscopic Instruments at medana clinical and surgical supplies in ireland


    Laparoscopic Instruments

    The basis of our ErgoSys system is the two new handles ErgoFlex and ErgoGrip that are available in two versions – free moving or with a lock. ErgoFlex and ErgoGrip are easy-to-use Laparoscopic instruments and have the essential requirements for fatigue-free work due to their multiple hand positions for both left-handed and right-handed professionals. This means an increase in safety for the patient and the user.

    Balloon Systems for Minimal Invasive Surgery at medana clinical and surgical supplies in ireland

    Balloon Systems

    for Minimal Invasive Surgery

    Pajunk has made a name for itself with its balloon systems for extraperitoneal and abdominal surgery. Our system solutions are a combination of two of our core competences: our know-how from many years of production of laparoscopic instruments and our development competence for balloon forms in different fields of application. Those fields of application are endoscopic total extraperitoneal hernioplasty (TEP), but also laparoscopic extraperitoneal radical nephrectomy (LERN) and laparoscopic extraperitoneal prostatectomy (LERP) for Urology

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