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Instruments for Soft-Tissue and Bone Biopsy
Biopsy and Harvesting


Manufacturing of needle systems for biopsy has been the core competence of Pajunk for more than 45 years. Pajunk develops modular solutions for a variety of biopsies, including core, bone, brain, breast and fine-needle aspiration sampling. With over 100 tip varieties and options, and the precision of the cut geometry, polishing quality and ultrasound features, Pajunk products are amongst the top biopsy products globally.

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Pajunk Core Biopsy Instruments ate medana medical supplies and accessories in Ireland

DeltaCut, CoreCut, PrimoCut

Core Biopsy Instruments

Together with health professionals of various medical disciplines, Pajunk develops well-conceived solutions for needle systems. Pajunk supports cutting and punch biopsies that are used for extracting tissue cylinders for fine tissue examination with three instrument systems: DeltaCut, CoreCut and PrimoCut. All three systems can be used with the same compatible needle-type..

Pajunk TrokaBone and TrokaCut at medana medical supplies and accessories in Ireland


Bone Marrow Biopsy

The TrokaBone/TrokaCut puncture set from Pajunk consists of a modular system for taking bone marrow samples. This kit offers exceptional ease of use during puncture and aspiration. Equipped with an ergonomic handle and made of robust stainless steel, TrokaBone and TrokaCut are characterised by their high stability.

ChibaSono fine biopsy needles products ate medana medical supplies and accessories

ChibaSono & Chiba

Fine Needle Biopsy Needles

Ultrasound-guided biopsies have been increasing in recent years. Together with Dr. Chris Mitchell, Pajunk has developed the ChibaSono, a new generation of needles that allow for a precise localisation under ultrasound. Needle and tip design allow the user to focus on the procedure and patient by making the tip visualisation under ultrasound faster, easier and safer.

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