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    Nerve Blocks Echogenic Needles & Catheter Systems

    Echogenic Needles & Catheters

    Pajunk offers the widest range of stimulating and echogenic products for single shot and continuous nerve block procedures. From the very beginning, Pajunk has been the pioneer in ultrasound-guided nerve blocks.

    Continuous Wound Infiltration Catheters & Pumps

    Infiltrating Catheter Kits

    Pajunk offers a complete wound infiltration system that includes the InfiltraLong catheter and the FuserPump. The FuserPump is a hard-shelled pump specifically designed for use in wound infiltration offering volumes and variable flowrate selection.

    Rectus Sheath Infusion Catheter Kits

    As one of the major providers of Regional Anaesthesia products, PAJUNK® offers Rectus Sheath continuous infusion kits and single-shot needles including TuohySono, the ultrasound visible needle.

    Spinal Needles & Catheter Kits at medana medical supplies and accessories

    Spinal Needles & Catheter Kits

    Pajunk offers the widest range of needle and catheter systems for spinal and epidural procedures. Together with the founders of Pajunk, Prof. Dr. Sprotte developed the first atraumatic spinal needle, which has revolutionized and revived the field of Spinal Anaesthesia in the early 1980’s.

    Epidural Needles _ Catheter Systems

    Epidural Needles & Catheter Systems

    Epidural anaesthesia has served as a proven anaesthetic method for many years. PAJUNK® supports this modern form of puncture technology close to the spinal cord with four different kits for continuous epidural anaesthesia.

    NRFit the new Connection Standard in Regional Anaesthesia at Medana Medical Supplies Ireland featured image

    NRfit, Neuraxial Connectors

    Since the use of Luer connectors is very widespread, there is a higher risk of potential hazards to patients resulting from wrong route injections. To counteract this risk, in 2016 the DIN ISO 80369 standard was issued.

    Video Laryngoscope

    Video Laryngoscope & Blades

    Established in 2014, HugeMed is a company integrating research & development and production of medical device, consumables, sales and after-service.

    Train-of-Four by medana medical supplies and accessories

    Train of Four, Nerve Stimulators

    The SunStim™ Pro Peripheral Nerve Stimulator delivers reliable, adjustable current in one-second twitch pulses. Features built-in train of four with four pulses per two seconds.

    Ultrasound Tissue Simulators at medana medical supplies ireland

    Training Phantoms

    Introducing MINISIM© by Valkyrie – Ultrasound Tissue Simulators; the most time-efficient ultrasound trainers on the market.

    Procedure Packs at medana medical supplies and accessories ireland

    Standard and Customised

    Customised Procedure Packs are specially designed to contain everything needed to perform specific types or general surgical procedures, and are useful for clinical accuracy by nurses and practitioners.

    Equipment Covers at medana medical supplies and accessories in Republic of Ireland

    Camera Scopes & Lights

    P3 Medical is an ISO 9001 and 13485 certified manufacturers of camera covers and drapes along with anaesthesia and airway management products.

    Minimal Invasive Surgery at medana medical supplies and accessories in Ireland

    Laparoscopic Instruments

    Precision and stability are the most important criteria for instruments used in minimally invasive surgery. Pajunk fulfils these requirements with modular systems while setting standards in terms of ergonomics and cost-effectiveness.

    Biopsy and Harvesting at medana medical supplies and accessories in republic of ireland

    Biopsy Needles and Instruments

    Manufacturing of needle systems for biopsy has been the core competence of Pajunk for more than 45 years. Pajunk develops modular solutions for a variety of biopsies, including core, bone, brain, breast and fine-needle aspiration sampling.

    Waste Fluid Management

    Collection & Disposal

    SUPER S.HO.W. – was designed to guarantee to handle large volumes of body fluids for operators, in total safety, in compliance with the legislation in order to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination.

    Light Handle Covers Sterile

    Sterile Covers for Surgical Light Handle Covers

    Medana stock the most comprehensive range of sterile light handle covers for use in operatings theatres, day procedure rooms, Emergency Department, Intensive Care Units, etc..

    Our sterile light handle covers securely fit universal handles and camera handles from all surgical and medical operating lights manufacturers.

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