Sales, Supply and Support of Med-Surgical & Anaesthesia Devices from leading manufactures of innovative devices and consumables to dynamic healthcare providers throughout Ireland, UK and EU.


PAJUNKĀ® Medical technology is one of the leading producers of complete medical systems for the different application-methods in the areas: Regional Anaesthesia, Neurology, Laparoscopy, Biopsy, and Dental Medicine.

P3 Medical

P3 Medical works together with healthcare professionals to bring innovative ideas to the medical device market. We provide a comprehensive range of sterile barrier covers for cameras and other surgical equipment.

Ultrasound Simulators

MedXPress.Pro is founded and managed by leaders and innovators in ultrasonography and education. We use our keen insight into real life clinical practice and educational challenges to develop products that improve patient safety.

Xavant Techcnologies

Xavant are leading suppliers of quantitative NMT and TOF monitors for use during general anesthesia, Peripheral Nerve Stimulators with nerve mapping and locating for regional anesthesia, and Pulsed Radiofrequency treatment devices for chronic pain management and neuropathy.


In order to avoid the risk of incorrect connections and injections in the future, the DIN ISO 80369 series of standards was issued in 2016. It replaces the overarching Luer standard and defines a separate, incompatible connection for each of the six application areas within the standard series.


SUPER S.HO.W. - is designed and made to allow healthcare professionals the management of organic liquids in total security, in compliance with legal regulations, to avoid the risk of biological contamination.